darxus: (June 2012)
darxus ([personal profile] darxus) wrote2013-10-29 03:55 pm
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[geek] ssh "authentication accepted.... Access denied."

Didn't find any web search hits, so I thought I'd document it:

$ ssh -v <host>
debug1: Trying RSA authentication via agent with '<key>'
debug1: Received RSA challenge from server.
debug1: Sending response to RSA challenge.
debug1: Remote: RSA authentication accepted.
Received disconnect from <ip>: Access denied.

I had installed linux on a new machine, and then copied over a bunch of stuff to attempt to mimic an existing machine. I copied over /home (including the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys authenticated against here), /etc/passwd, and /etc/group. The problem was that I had not copied over /etc/shadow.

Feeling a little more arcane than usual.

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