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Microsoft Internet Explorer is dead

Top web browsers 2018: Microsoft walks the road to browser irrelevance

MSIE was so long the bane of web developers, I'm excited to see it go.

At different times, the governments of The United States, Germany, France and Australia recommended against using IE because of how prone it was to security problems.

And it was a pain because people had to support old versions of IE that all had to be handled differently due to failing at standards compliance. And it was by far the most popular browser.

The XHTML 1.0, released January 26 2000 required XML to be served as "Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml". Until IE 9 was released in 2011, every page served that way, IE wouldn't even try to display, it would ask you if you wanted to save it as a file. So for years, IE didn't work at all on my website, because it conformed to the standards of HTML5 XML.

Then there were the acid3 browser compliance tests, and mozilla / firefox, and chrome were able to clearly show how much better they were than IE. Microsoft said they had no interest in trying.

Then Microsoft came out with their own test suite (now gone), which showed plenty of problems in firefox and chrome. And again around IE9, they got a lot better at standards compliance.

IE is at 15.4% user share, and it sounds like it's EOLed (end of life) along with Windows 7 in two years, replaced with Microsoft Edge (which I know nothing about).

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