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Last night I rotated the tires on my Accord. Today I finished emptying my Accord, went sailing (didn't get wet), picked up the fuse I needed for my charger, and the tire stem caps I needed for my XX, put my M3's battery on the charger (not only did it recognize it as a battery, it now says it's fully charged), and put the stem caps on my XX. Then vacuumed my Accord.

Productivity is neat.

I rode

Jul. 30th, 2012 12:37 pm
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I got my XX back on the road last night. I think I had ridden once in the few years since I moved to New Hampshire. Rode to work this morning (35 miles).

The cool thing about riding is presence. No tons of armor between you and the rest of the world. You're just there in it. It still blows my mind that there are people who deeply value this yet can't understand why someone would choose not to wear a helmet.

The other cool thing is lack of cumbersomeness. Not having to haul tones of huge air drag around. So much more agility. Add a little power, and you get stupid power to weight ratios.

This morning I passed an 18 wheeler on a double yellow on a curvy back road as he was coming well over the line. It was nice.
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In the last few days I've ridden my SV for the first time in far too long. It is so light and effortless to ride, with plenty of torque down low. Just me, a motor, a couple wheels, and the road. Lots of fun.

The Blackbird on the other hand, nngh, power and refinement in quantities combined nowhere else.

I love how the contrast makes me appreciate them both more.

A lot like women.
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I just test drove a 1997 BMW M3 (E36), a car that is well known to be awesome all over the place.

It was great fun.

Compared to my Blackbird, its power to weight ratio feels pitiful.

Anybody know anybody selling an E46 (2001+) M3 in black or dark blue with a manual transmission?

Yup, the Blackbird has 4.4x the power to weight ratio of the E36 M3.

E36 M3: 240hp 3170lbs = 0.0757 hp/lb
Blackbird: 164hp 494lbs = 0.3319 hp/lb

"Now you know why I just drive a van." - motorcycle racing coworker
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I have continued to obey speed limits, for the most part. I have found that no-longer pointlessly feeling rushed every time I go somewhere, especially commuting, has been wonderfully relaxing. There aren't nearly as many people in my way.

This morning I was riding to work, from [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine's. I was merging onto 93N, just before going underground. It was a long ramp. I was moving a decent pace. The lanes were going to merge. I looked to my left, and thought...

Oh, that car is already pulling ahead. I'll wait for the next opening.

Wait a minute. I'm riding a fucking Blackbird.

Clicked the shifter down a notch, tucked in a bit to keep the front wheel down, whacked the throttle open, and everything goes away.
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This morning I was contemplating what motorcycle I dream most of having.
Then I remembered it was the one I was riding. That kicks ass.
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Two years ago today I purchased my first motorcycle and rode it home. My first ride outside of an MSF parking lot began in downtown Cambridge at rush hour, and still I live. And it continues to be my primary mode of transportation. Probably one of my best decisions.
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That crash was way too much fun

My only injury is a tiny bit of rash and bruise on my left forearm that you probably wouldn't find if I didn't point.

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Pictures: rear view, front view.
It used to look like this: rear view (the handlebars are now much lower).

Compared to my current setup, riding the stock naked SV is like being perched precariously on top of it. The things I can do with acceleration and cornering now, comfortably, are silly. And I'm still very much learning how to use it again. I put race footpegs on maybe a week ago. I am really enjoying the differences.

Also, as of this morning I weigh the least I have since December 2004.
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Yesterday on my way home I pulled up to a red light. I saw someone pull up on my right out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was a car half in my lane. Then I realized it was another motorcyclist behaving entirely appropriately. Then I realized he was on a beautiful 2005+ Triumph Sprint ST. I told him I almost got one of those.

"Yeah? Are you Darxus?"


"Your post inspired me to get this."

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They look easy to ride, don't they?


This is what the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Rider Course is for.

"I think the percentage of us that nearly get killed and hop right back on as soon as we are able tells us that the only thing those that got killed are upset about is that they aren't able to ride any more." - evan712, 7/6/2006
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"I can't believe you... no I can believe you rode in. But I can't believe you rode in." - cute coworker on the elevator this very rainy morning.

I enjoy happily riding my motorcycle by people cowering under collapsed umbrellas.
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Yesterday I finally got to my first track day. It was hosted by Bikeworx and Moto Market, both shops I am fond of.

Modern motorcycle street tires are magic. My brain had great difficulty accepting the possibility of surviving the lean angles I was seeing.. and experiencing. I wish I had done this last year, before I had developed my concepts of what is possible as much.

I took my SV, since it is just about ideal for the track (reasonably powerful, but more importantly light). Paul, another Blackbird rider, asked me where mine was. Hah. That thing is huge and insanely powerful. Although he could do way more on his Blackbird than I could on my SV.

I'm now far more confident in my riding, and ability to handle problems. And continuing to remind myself that over-confidence kills - but knowing my limits are farther out in optimal conditions helps.

I'm hoping to get to another one by the same people on 9/25/06, and two by Team Daemon on 8/16/06 and maybe 6/20/06.


I also took the opportunity (being in New Hampshire) to ride 15 miles with no helmet, only gloves and sunglasses. It was very nice. And a little gritty.
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[livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine and I, and my XX, made it to the mountains of New Hampshire and back. Pictures will be coming later.

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So much in life seems... rather silly, after you bother to go outside for a bit. Going outside is good.

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I've never been good at just getting on my bike and riding. So I decided this looked like a good list of destinations:

I went to Al Mac's Diner tonight. It was good. I should get better at taking my time to eat good food.

I left at 7:18, ate for probably less than half an hour, and got home at 11:47, so a good 4 hours on my bike. I still love it.
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Yesterday I was asking people what chain and sprockets I should get for my bike, and where.

This morning it broke:
(I apolagize for taking this picture locked on iso 400.)

I am okay, there was no further damage, no drop, and it happened in my driveway. I am very thankful.

As I started to pull forward, I felt some resistance. A lot of resistance. And my bike wasn't going. Then there was a pop. I got off my bike, looked at the chain, didn't see anything. Tried again, similar effect. I got off and took this picture.

00:27 <Dezmo> I dont think an SV650 can break a chain
- 7/8/05

17:24 <Darxus> it squeeks
17:25 <Darxus> and is trying to sieze
17:25 <Darxus> I'm pretty sure I've blown o-rings
- yesterday

10:50 <CyronWK> wow it really broke!
- today

I started noticing squeaking that turned out to be my chain on 9/29/05. I strongly recommend changing a chain immediately at that point, because you're not likely to be so fortunate in the results.

I believe I heard someone say they had never seen a chain failure that wasn't due to someone installing a chain wrong. I am special.

This is what happens when you don't lube or clean your chain for your first year of ownership. I recommend buying a rear stand immediately when getting a bike that doesn't come with a center stand. I now have a pitbull race stand with suzuki spools, which makes the process a lot easier.

This is a 2000 SV650 with a little over 13,000 miles (got it with 8k).

This has given me an example of how [livejournal.com profile] nchanter is so wonderful for me.
She and I have a date night scheduled tonight - nothing specific, just time to make sure we spend together.
Her first response was to tell me I should fix my bike tonight. Because she understands how good my bike is for my mood, and how bad for me it is to not be able to use my bike because it's broken.

But I've been thinking I should change the gearing on my bike for more torque. Stock is 15 teeth in the front and 45 in the rear. I was going to try 15/48. That... I probably won't be able to just pick up after work today. I'm interested in suggestions of online stores to order from, and specific items to order. I hate gold. I'm not interested in lightened parts, steel sounds good to me.

Fortunately this has not resulted in a mood crash so far. This may be indirectly related to having both [livejournal.com profile] nchanter and [livejournal.com profile] velvetclarity willing to give me a ride to the T.

UPDATE: Ordered a chain and sprockets from Bikeworx. Picking them up saturday. RX or DID (depending on stock), 15/46, x-ring, riveted, black chain, steel sprockets, ~$200.
It rocks to have friends who know how to deal with this stuff and eagerly offer help and lend tools.
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http://ruiner.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/howclose.mpg (3.2mB, from http://community.livejournal.com/motorcycles/1370305.html)

I would appreciate you watching this short video. I met at least one person who is now dead because someone failed to see him while he was riding, with no excuse.

I have this kind of problem on a regular basis. If I didn't regularly expect people to be this stupid I would... not be so healthy.
One of the people actually said to me afterward, when I pulled up to them, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" Those words... piss me off.
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I rode 616 miles this weekend. It was wonderful.
I'll have a few pictures for you later.
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Any minute now I'm going to leave for a weekend of playing with motorcycle people in vermont. Yay.

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