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For a lot of people, right now this is going to come down to HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GS4), so I'll start with that.

In most ways, I prefer the HTC One (love the case). But I don't see how the un-replacable battery is forgivable. I saw one guy say by the time his battery isn't holding a solid charge, there will be ample info for a handy person to replace their own battery. And I did replace an un-replaceable battery in a heart rate monitor. But that person clearly didn't read the ifixit teardown for the HTC One. Just beginning to open it requires horribly mangling that beautiful case.

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Edit (2014-04-17): Another feature I'd like is more powerful vibration. After you notice it sucks, you can find lots of people complaining about the weak vibration of the GS4. But no reviewers commented on it? And how much better are the HTC One's speakers?
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I learned long ago in a D&D game that every species that can't see in the dark really should carry a light source at all times. It took me until now to get a headlamp because I never figured out a sufficiently elegant way to carry one on my person.
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Before wireless networking, I wanted very much to play with TCP/IP over ham radio (AX.25). It was very limited.

I don't know if I would have predicted that today I would be walking around with my mass produced phone and $35 per month unlimited data plan wasting bandwidth streaming music over the internet, through the included stereo headset, with which I can also answer or make a calls.

Shouldn't be too much longer before I can mostly stop using the keyboard on my phone.
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Motherboard, CPU, and RAM (because they got fried by my house) and a case because I felt like it.
Items, with reasons for selection, prices, and links:


These are recommendations.
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After a few months without it I discover it just needed a hard reset. Which apparently causes it to reinstall itself. Lost contacts and everything, but saved $300 on a new phone.
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Windows phone, $300 + $35 / month.
Linux phone, $100 + $70 / month.

The only reason I can't use the cheap unlimited data plan I currently have with the Linux phone is because Sprint is trying to get people off that cheap plan.

Suggestions? I'm also interested in prices of plans including unlimited data from other providers.

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Where can I get U-bolts with threads long enough to go through a 4x4 and still have enough left over for a nut and a lock-nut both above and below the 4x4? I'm thinking 5/8". Doesn't need to be wide, 2" pipe size would be fine. Bigger is only relevant as far as cost.

They just seem more fun than eye bolts.

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I just bought a NightCore D10, which runs on dead AA batteries. Very brightly. Appears to maintain it's 130 lumen max (and has two dimmer levels).

So please give me your dead AA batteries.

Because it has voltage management circuitry to maintain brightness as voltage drops, which happens to make it work on batteries that are drained enough that other stuff won't work on them.

I believe this is very common in modern LED flashlights, some of which are much cheaper.

Also, way better than the CR123A batteries that my old fancy flashlight used, which can cost $2 each (it used 2), so I never wanted to use it.

And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] perspicuity for the flashlight obsessed input I needed to make my selection.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:53 pm
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I bought Audio-Technica ATH-M50S w/ straight cable headphones.

I recommend them. The coiled cable version can be had cheaper elsewhere (I did get the straight cable).

I got closed headphones to annoy coworkers less. And then I went with the cheapest model that had the maximum Value Rating on headphone.com.

Bass response good.

This is way overdue. I had a lot of difficulty deciding on the price range, and in the end went with the (relatively) cheap ones because I know my ears suck. (This model doesn't come with its own shrine.)

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I still need to pick a media player. Oh, I was going to try my phone.
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  • Ogg Vorbis support.
  • Linux support, probably by being a standard USB mass storage device, including firmware upgrades.
  • Useful for playlist pruning
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This is the brand and series of the last few hard drives I've purchased.
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"It's officially official: Toshiba Tuesday pulled out of the HD DVD business, surrendering to Sony's Blu-ray format."

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First models expected in the second half of 2008.

The platform is called Android.

"It is built to be truly open."
"Android is built on the open Linux Kernel."
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"Despite Steve Jobs comparing the iPhone in his keynote to a variety of smart phones, the truth is that at this point the iPhone just doesn't belong in the same class as phones like the Mogul from a features perspective" - wirelessinfo.com
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I believe this is all true except for obvious hyperbole ("invincible").
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"An inch-and–three-quarters width of two layers of sturdy bull hide makes a super strong belt."
- http://www.thebeltman.net/bullhide.htm
And I finally have a black buckle. Which is attached with screws, not rivets.
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When I built my current gaming / htpc computer almost a year ago one of the reasons I put off buying a new drive was reports that perpendicular recording was coming.

"...linear hard disk recordings max out at 100 to 200 Gb/in². Perpendicular recording is expected to increase the amount of available storage space to up to 5-10 times that..."

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Canon SD700 IS: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canonsd700is/

ISO 800 and optical image stabilization good for 2-3 stops.

"Canon had finally pulled something a little bit special out of the hat."
I think the danger of me purchasing a non-Canon has been averted, although I would like to see Canon catch up to Fuji's "Class-leading high ISO performance".

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