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It is exceedingly easy to screw up a perfectly well honed razor edge by stropping badly - pressing too hard or leaving too much slack.

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Wow, modern razors are comparatively amazingly easy to use.

According to [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine, I achieved better results with my Gillette Sensor than I ever had before, as we expected after having practice with a straight razor. I just didn't expect it to be so much easier. My shave was far more consistent, and I had no problems getting the spots I used to have problems with.

But my shave wasn't as good as I've been achieving with my straight razor. It was also significantly less abrading.
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I've continued shaving with a straight razor 3 days a week (as I had with a modern razor). Improvement has been constant.

#3, 5/6/07, [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine said my shave was better than I had been getting from a modern razor.

5/19/07, [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine said the easy parts of my face looked like they had never grown hair (I haven't tried shaving against the growth yet).

I don't expect to use a modern razor again, except for comparisons.

I still haven't needed to use my styptic pencil.
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This was basically two days after the first. I achieved a near acceptable shave with only minor nicks, I'm pleased.

I'm hoping to stick to weekly summaries from here on.

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I ordered a carbon (not stainless) steel straight razor made by Dovo in Solingen. I used it for the first time last night. Bringing that blade to my flesh for the first time was more scary than I expected. I achieved a terrible shave, and only one tiny nick. I'm happy, I expected this to take practice. I strongly recommend hitting youtube before trying this.

Another thing I've been wanting to try for years off the list.
Yes, I'm coating it with mineral oil after each use, have a strop, and watched a video on that too.

I totally blame Fahrenheit 451 and Snow Crash.

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