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In third grade I had a battery of psychological tests to figure out what was wrong with me that was causing me to get such random grades. The results were something like "You're bored. And, by the way, you should try playing a musical instrument."

I guess I did some brief recorder lessons, which I can hardly remember.

Then fifth through seventh grade I did violin lessons at my public school. Because I thought playing the fiddle would be awesome. I guess I quit due to utter lack fo joy. The violin is an amazing instrument, how can you fail to make that fun for a kid? I still deeply need to play the fiddle some day, but I got myself one a number of years ago, and that thing is hard.

I've since made fairly brief attempts at the electronic keyboard / piano, and electric guitar. Both of which I wasn't a huge fan of at least in part because I was expected to play multiple notes at once.

Two weeks ago I had this conversation regarding rock climbing in a beautiful spot:

Him: I'd hire two people to make this a complete set - one old man smoking a pipe, and one other person to play a fife as I danced along the holds.
Me: I could totally talk friends into doing this.
Him: You have very good friends.
Me: Yes.

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Looks like it's new as of yesterday. So far I think I like it more than any other radio station in the area. "Contemporary hit music." Read more... )
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Cherub Rock, by Smashing Pumpkins. It was nicely followed by Bodies by Drowning Pool.
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I renamed the pandora station I recently posted about to match.
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Amp = fine circuitry in a single solid block of wood.

Headphones = "It took 300 years for science to catch up with and understand the craftsmanship found in a Stradivarius violin."

I think [livejournal.com profile] time3 told me about these. Once in a while I think they might be worth buying, and then I find the price again.
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When I Hear Music Radio: http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh214085814556216809

Seven songs in I'm still dancing with a huge grin on my face. At work.

I hadn't listened to this in a long time. Last edited 2007-05-21. 2.3 years. Weird.

The first seven songs:
  1. The Promise (Coliseum Mix) by When in Rome
  2. Headhunter V3.0 by Front 242
  3. Dream Boy Dream Girl by Rockell
  4. Spring Love by Stevie B
  5. Hymn Of The Big Wheel by Massive Attack <- tears of joy good
  6. A Little Bit Of Ecstasy by Jocelyn Enriquez
  7. Silent Morning by Noel
What kind of music does that mean I like?

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  • Ogg Vorbis support.
  • Linux support, probably by being a standard USB mass storage device, including firmware upgrades.
  • Useful for playlist pruning
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I saw a deer in my yard this morning.

Also, last night I got my guitar. Ibanez GSA60, blue. And a Roland Cube 15X amp. I suck. But I noticeably improved over a few hours. Which probably means I don't suck.
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I'm itching to buy one to learn to play. But not knowing if I'll end up enjoying it, it would make sense to save several hundred dollars borrowing for a bit. So do you have an electric guitar and / or amp I could borrow?

The stuff I'm itching to buy is an Ibanez GRX20 (I like the look a lot), and a Line 6 Spider III 15 15W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp (just cheap).


Aug. 6th, 2006 10:38 am
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It'll basically ask you your favorite song, and then start playing music it thinks you're likely to enjoy. It is how I've been listening to music (the majority of my waking hours) for a week or so.

I've mostly been listening to my station based on Blue by Eiffel 65, which you can listen to here:

You can tell it you like multiple songs, and then give each song it plays a thumbs up or thumbs down and it will learn. But I have discovered (and confirmed through conversations with their staff) that the less input you give it the better their algorithm will cope. You would think that the more input you give it the better it would be able to select songs you like. Hopefully in the future. But it does pretty well now.

This site is legitimate / legal, they license the music as a radio station.

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