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Linode is my (Linux) virtual hosting provider.

I had a bizarre problem. One that I know involves trying to do something in a way nobody else does.

I just got a response to my Support Ticket starting with "I've been researching this for a few hours...".

This falls well into the category of "above and beyond".

The problem. Related to MTX. )

Description of Linode. )
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This is my third unexpected outage in the 2.7 years I've had it. This time there were no clues as to the reason. The only solution appears to be rebuilding the kernel with KDB, the kernel debugger. If this happens again, I'll be asking linode to provide that.

The first time was a crash, which I was told was related to uml, so I switched to xen. The second time was a raid problem with the host. "We believe this was caused by a flaky drive, which has since been replaced."

I'm very happy with this record.
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My server went offline. I attempted to log into their web interface to see what was up. It told me I was connecting from an IP not on my whitelist, and that it sent me a verification email that I would need to get into the site.

Guess where my email is hosted.
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I have a new server, panic.chaosreigns.com. It is a virtual server hosted by linode.com. It is a User Mode Linux instance on a big server hosting several others like it. Read more... )

I get a $20 referral credit if you sign up via this url: http://www.linode.com/?r=3ebcceec7da43d5693fddb0bcf233e5fc9bd70fe

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