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I woke up to the sound of people talking outside my bedroom window, in my driveway. I can't tell you how incredibly unusual that is. I opened the window, said "hi". They said they were from the power company, and came out to shut my power off. I asked if they knew why. They said my house was going to be demolished. I said "What?! What?!" They said put some clothes on and come out and talk to me.

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And a clear driveway!

The guy suggested I wear a hat. He clearly did not grasp the practicality of my hair in its full glory. One of these days I'll take a picture.

The spray in my face was unpleasant though.
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My UPS has been beeping its dissatisfaction with wall power for a few minutes. Then I heard something else kick on elsewhere in the house, probably the refridgerator. And that made the UPS happy (and the lights get brighter). It had been at 91 volts input. I still haven't picked up a multimeter. Tomorrow for sure.
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I'd like to determine wheither my electrical problems are in my house or from the street.

And I have nothing better to do until Monday morning than to pick one up frome somebody.

Hints on where to find mine would also be appreciated. Little, yellow, grey plastic case.

If I don't get a better offer by the time stores open, I'll have to buy my own, and I'm interestd in recommendations. Mybe a fluke 115? My house does need to be rewired...
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I left the breaker with the weird buzzing off.

This morning the filter for my fish tank was not running. Turned out that the APC surge protector that it was plugged into was blown - soot around the socket it was plugged into, and on the prongs. Plugged the filter directly into the wall and it worked.

UPS was fully drained again, and unwilling to use wall power, and reading 89 volts input.
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I knew the electrical wiring in my house was sketchy before I bought it. The inspector said the wiring from the breaker box was under gauge. Something would come on, and stuff would flicker on the other side of the house.

It makes UPSes grumpy. This morning my computer and new UPS was off, as in completely drained I guess. First time with this UPS.

When I got to poke at it more this evening, I noticed that, with everything else in the house off, the UPS was refusing to use wall power, and saying it was getting 145 volts. Up to 150. I noticed a weird buzzing elsewhere in the house, and tracked it down further. Very basic ceiling light fixture in a closet. When I turned the light on, the buzzing diminished. I found the breaker for it, and flipped it off. UPS said input came down to 107 volts, and was wiling to use it again.

Ick. Looks like my computer needs a new power supply.
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I'd call yesterday my moving date. Still a few things to do. Haven't begun to unpack. But I slept in my new home last night. And this morning dropped a moving truck off on my way to work and still got to work early. Looks like the drive in should average under an hour, which is good.
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Pending water and radon testing, closing is on the 23rd:


Property line is in the middle of the stream.

Update: Tests came back. Everything looks good except the radon in the water is high. My current plan is to pretty much ignore it.
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[livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine set up the appointment and was generally very useful.

Told the agent I want something in NH with a relatively reasonable commute to downtown Cambridge. She came up with a few places. A little land would be nice. Drove by several today, one of which was a little exciting. Going to two open houses tomorrow.
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I moved in to my new house today. It's all kinds of exciting. It will be some time before all of the boxes ar unpacked and I'm completely settled, but the stereo is thumping and [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine made the bed.

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