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I was going to drop my car off at the mechanic's, to have my smashed window replaced ($275). I wanted to ride my bicycle home.

I pumped up the tires, which I always do, because I like low rolling resistance. I took my clipless pedals off, and put the original flat pedals on, because my shoes that work with my clipless pedals were among the things stolen from my car.

As I was walking from my car to the mechanic's office, I heard a hissing noise. One of my bicycles tubes had, in the previous ~3 minutes, sprung a substantial leak.

So I walked home.

22 minutes, no hardship. And I keep the means to replace a tube on my bike, I just didn't feel it was worth it. I just think it's hilarious. And awesome that it didn't happen while I was riding. I think I've had three flats since I got this bike, and none were while I was riding.
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Last night I rotated the tires on my Accord. Today I finished emptying my Accord, went sailing (didn't get wet), picked up the fuse I needed for my charger, and the tire stem caps I needed for my XX, put my M3's battery on the charger (not only did it recognize it as a battery, it now says it's fully charged), and put the stem caps on my XX. Then vacuumed my Accord.

Productivity is neat.
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I had done motorcycles before, but not a car. Definitely prefer doing it myself over paying somebody else to do it.

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It was really stupidly difficult.

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Update: Radio has been re-activated.
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I have a lot of practicing to do if this project is ever to become remotely realistic enough to buy my own TIG welder.

Aluminum monocoque. Electric. 41" tall.

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For a given speed, the higher the gear you're in, the less gas you burn.

I can drive 30mph in my Accord in fifth gear comfortably on a level road.

I'm sure the relationship isn't entirely linear, but that should mean I'm burning roughly twice as much gas as necessary at 65mph only because of how low the top gear is.

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From the previous owner: http://www.chaosreigns.com/accord/
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I am now in possession of a 2007 Accord.
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(google maps)

They said I had "play in [my] left inner tie rod".

I took it to the mechanic I bought it from, and trust, he jacked the wheel off the ground and shook it, and it looked nice and solid. And he's the one I'd pay to fix it. And he didn't charge me to look at it.
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Type in your zip code. Select "Show prices up to 72 hours old." Click the first one listed in the table at the left, or browse around the google based map.
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It's a 1998 BMW M3 in black and black. Manual. This pleases me.

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I just test drove a 1997 BMW M3 (E36), a car that is well known to be awesome all over the place.

It was great fun.

Compared to my Blackbird, its power to weight ratio feels pitiful.

Anybody know anybody selling an E46 (2001+) M3 in black or dark blue with a manual transmission?

Yup, the Blackbird has 4.4x the power to weight ratio of the E36 M3.

E36 M3: 240hp 3170lbs = 0.0757 hp/lb
Blackbird: 164hp 494lbs = 0.3319 hp/lb

"Now you know why I just drive a van." - motorcycle racing coworker
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Darxus: I will say this about Motorcycle racing...
Don't do it...
It's like having a crack addiction...
I've done autoxing and it's "Fun"
Motorcycle racing is probably THE BEST RUSH you can have that's legal...
It's better than sex... and that's not just my opinion...
There are Track Days & there is racing...
Sky diving last 5-15 seconds if your lucky
Motorcycle racing lasts 20min...
Imaging having the best 20min orgasm of your life...
but doing that 6-8 times in a day...

So now I want a used Suzuki SV650 S, maybe about a year old.
(Cyron is an old friend of mine who's been doing this ~4 years.)

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