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Another great camping trip with [personal profile] quietlymagical. Hiking a small mountain, campfire, kayaking.

I cut this one down to 21 minutes. (Out of 3 hours 15 minutes of footage.) In 4k.

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It's so much easier to walk on than boulders at a 45° incline.

"I'm too fat to walk up a mountain." "Most people are."

I don't know about most people, but I'm sure not comfortable with not being able to walk up Liberty Mountain in a day. I saw lots of people do it. I saw two couples go up and then come down in one day, and the vast majority of people we saw didn't seem to be packed for spending the night. And my coworkers were confident I could get up the mountain.

We saw one other person about as overweight as me. He was hollering obscenities.

But I spent my weekend hiking in the woods with [livejournal.com profile] cathijosephine instead of with my butt firmly attached to my sofa, and that's awesome.

And hopefully it'll motivate me to reduce my body fat and increase my cardiovascular stamina. More.

Maybe in a month I'll try another valley trip, quite possibly Flat Mountain Pond from the West end. Let me know if you'd like to come with me.

Zeph was wonderful to have with me.

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I was very much reminded of this:
"If you pick 'em up, O Lord, I'll put 'em down." - unknown, "Prayer of the Tired Walker", from whiteblaze.net
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Due to weather, I decided not to go up Mt. Liberty and instead go with my fallback plan of Flat Mountain Pond Trail. It was good.

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I feel a lot more alive.

This hasn't been proofread yet. Maybe I'll get to that, and maybe some more detail, later.
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A dozen miles, two days and one night in the woods, is nothing. I have the gear. I can do this. I should have done this already.

You're welcome to join me. I'm planning to spend the days walking, but I don't expect to make a lot of distance.

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A fairly common (to me) acronym is BOB - Bug Out Bag. A more specific term that often brings tears to my eyes is:
INCH bag.
I'm Never Coming Home.

"You only truly own what you can carry at a dead run."
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The kind of old, kind of hunched over guy who sits next to me at work is about to go for an eight day hike above the tree line, alone. I need to get off my ass.
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Included: "This is dangerous." vs. "This is not dangerous enough."

Wearing nothing but shorts and a canteen, with my hair in its full glory. Didn't think to bring a loin cloth until too late. It's been too long. Next time.
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I got this urge to practice surviving in the woods with only what I could carry. Seems like a decent hobby.

I ordered a military Modular Sleep System (used, for $150) which includes a bivy sack so I don't need a tent, and the total system is rated down to -40F.

I plan to test it in my back yard as soon as it arrives, and then go backpacking in the White Mountains, in the direction of a designated Wilderness, the following weekend or so. Starting on a Saturday morning, walking away from civilization for a day, curling up in my bivy sack for the night, then walking back. My current plan for food is MREs because they're easy - hot food without the need to build a fire. Easy, right?

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Does this sound fun to you? (Happy to sell you several MREs for simplicity.)

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