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The complaint details how Mizhen and his affiliates allegedly manipulated the statistics that Microsoft's anti-spam system relies on by creating millions of new email accounts and then moving up to 200,000 of their own messages a day from "junk" files into inboxes.
- mediapost.com
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MTX records are just DNS A records on your DNS server stating that an IP is a legitimate mail transmitter.

There is a SpamAssassin plugin for it on that page.
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I've gotten 5 spams verified (by SPF) from hotmail in the last 6 days. I reported the first 4. Since November 1 I've only gotten legit email from one hotmail account. Email I would not have minded missing. Hotmail is now a significant source of spam my filters don't catch. At what point to I blacklist all email from hotmail?

Do any legitimate users still use hotmail?
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Update: It is apparently a deep dark secret that abuse@google.com works.

It's infuriatingly difficult to find an answer to this question.

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I do some pretty aggressive spam filtering, because I get a lot of spam. I even wrote my own multi-word token bayesian filter, and it works, but not better than spamprobe. So my complete inability to block the new style of spam that includes a bunch of random text and with all its spaminess contained in an inlined attached image depressed me. My discussions with the authors of SpamProbe and CRM114 (very effective adaptive filters) did not improve my mood.

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Yes this means if you email me an image, you cannot embed the attached image in the body of the email - just attaching it is fine, you just can't <img src> it. I believe this will inevitably become common email policy, because I believe other solutions will not be useful for long.
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Very effective way to block spam which I hadn't gotten around to setting up until now. Very easy to set up.

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Check back later for statistics.

Update: I've gotten no spam in the 3 hours since I set this up. That's impressive.

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