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The end of the neutral cable connecting the meter to the panel was gone at the meter end. All black (aluminum). Rainwater was flowing right on it probably since it was installed. Everything in its vicinity was replaced. I have all my lights on and nothing is flickering, for the first time ever.

My (gas) heaters got fried though. I'm hoping to not need to completely replace them, but the electronics are probably gone.

The problem was fixed quickly, thoroughly, and well. I'm not sure if I should have gone with a cheap quick fix and done more of the work myself. But at least now it's off my list.

Thanks very much to Dan NoƩ for correctly diagnosing the problem and convincing me of its severity, and [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen for convincing me to use Angie's List (once I gave up on the first electrician I tried).
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Any theories on why an open neutral would be consistently more problematic at night?

Fortunately at this point this is mostly amusing.

9 days ago I first called Jolt Electric and left a voicemail on their emergency line. I called them a couple times since then. I still haven't gotten them out.

Last night was the second time I had to leave a light on to keep my heater running (alternate electrical path since the neutral won't go).

Last night the heat stopped working at all.

Last night my phone also decided to stop working at all, even with the assistance of my fully charged UPS. (I've been meaning to buy a new battery for it.)

Today I discovered there are still pay phones. One at the fire station very close to my house - about 6 different times told me the number could not be reached as dialed (connected fine from work). Another by a McDonalds about a mile away that wouldn't take my money.

Now I call Jolt Electric one last time then hit Angie's List.

Update: Jolt Electric thought they called me late last week to say they couldn't come out, and apologized. Because they're so backed up.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_qdZB9iGhU - Demo of big one.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6drMZqmyXQc - How to make little one.

Electric: Power company has been out, said the open neutral isn't on their end but replaced connections anyway. Haven't gotten an electrician out yet.
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Somebody said it sounds like I have an "open neutral" and told me a brief story involving a fire department.

I left a voicemail on the emergency line of the electrician recommended by my house inspector.

I guess now I look for other recommended electricians near Pelham, NH.
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My UPS has been beeping its dissatisfaction with wall power for a few minutes. Then I heard something else kick on elsewhere in the house, probably the refridgerator. And that made the UPS happy (and the lights get brighter). It had been at 91 volts input. I still haven't picked up a multimeter. Tomorrow for sure.

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