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I'm planning to pick up some Raw, Certified Organic, milk from grass fed cows. It's $6 per gallon. Would you like me to grab some for you? You would need to pick it up at my place in Arlington.

I'm hoping to do this sometime during the coming two weekends.

I hope to eventually share the task of the pickups with everyone interested in having real milk. On a weekly basis.

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My new computer is finally fully hooked up to my home theater - s/pdif digital audio to the reciever, and native resolution (1280x720p) over dvi to my projector. Yes, quake 4 is sick on an 8 foot widescreen. Love my toys.
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A few days ago I gave up on the Linux console and moved everything over to X (I'm doing everything graphically instead of in text, basically, now).

Last night I did significant laundry and cleaning of my room.

Today I... significantly changed the way I read email... I set up imap and am using a graphical email client (thunderbird) for the first time ever. More of the first point I guess. (I still set up mutt to work with the changes I made.)

And I feel like I've gotten back into lifting, which I'd been slacking on.

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