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Last night I rotated the tires on my Accord. Today I finished emptying my Accord, went sailing (didn't get wet), picked up the fuse I needed for my charger, and the tire stem caps I needed for my XX, put my M3's battery on the charger (not only did it recognize it as a battery, it now says it's fully charged), and put the stem caps on my XX. Then vacuumed my Accord.

Productivity is neat.


May. 27th, 2012 08:22 pm
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Got a membership to Community Boating Inc., sailed, capsized, confused all dock staff by wanting to then continue sailing, continued sailing, had a great time. Recommended. Including the capsizing part.

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Any suggestions on how to pursue this?

I have a fond childhood memory of laying on the edge of mom's small sailboat as that edge was dipping into the water, leaned well over, going as fast as that thing could go. It seemed dangerous, but my mom was awesome, and I was wearing a life vest, and knew how to swim.

Building a pocket yacht seems like a good long term goal, but I'm unsure of a good path. If somebody wants to teach me, that would probably be ideal. I'd also be happy to just give it a try without any teaching if I can get my hands on a boat, without crazy fees. I have a trailer hitch to put on my car.

Pretty picture.

Update: I'd also eventually like to sail on the ocean.

Update 2: I'd also be happy to try being an extra hand in a race.

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